Wedding Wishes For You Both


Sometimes there's a lot you want to say to people getting married, and it can be hard to capture it all on a card. This card from Emily McDowell Studio certainly tries though. The handwritten style text reads:

'Wishes for you both on the occasion of your wedding

May you always hold hands, share secret looks, and cultivate a private language that only the two of you can speak. May you always find things to talk about and places to explore, and may you prefer things to be the same level of clean. May you take turns being strong and weak, keep a secret list of what delights one another, and always have a trick to pull out of your hat. May you find that together, things are easier and more fun and more interesting, and may you always remember what it felt like to fall in love.'

This card is blank inside for your own message, and comes with an envelope.

  • Size: 140 x 108 mm
  • Environmentally friendly soy inks

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