No matter what you want to say, there’s an emoji for it. They might vary between iPhones and Androids, Facebook and Twitter, but they’re everywhere, even if they look slightly different!


They’re also in our shop - seriously, I told you, they get everywhere!

If you want to share some of that emoji love with everyone, then these stickers are

a fantastic way to take it offline. Perfect for adding to journals, phone cases, laptops or even on your annoying sibling’s back, you’ll find no end of uses for these cute faces.


If you’re looking for something a bit more practical, then these pencils, pushpins and page markers are perfect for showing how you feel about your revision.


We recommend using the page markers to work out where you struggle most - they’re a great way of categorising what you’re trying to learn. If you’re happy with it, then choose a kissy face, a smirk or - if you’re feeling very confident - the rainbow wink. And of course, when it comes to those aspects that make you panic, it’s time for the tears and throwing up. At least your notes will understand how much you hate those topics now!

But onto happier thoughts! We’ve also got a fantastic range of emojinal party gear - from hats to confetti, and even BUNTING.

Why not take the theme one step further and assign each guest an emoji for the night? Whether it’s making your usually grumpy friend constantly flirty, or your giggly friend deadpan all night, set each other the challenge of sticking to your given emoji for as long as possible. Bonus points if anyone masters the scream!


Check out our Emojinal Range Here!

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