Care for a Milkshake? Fries perhaps? Okay, how about a Unicorn?

Pop into Gift, Crouch End and shake up your desk with the Milkshake Pencil Sharpener and keep your pencils perfectly stacked - no grease or oil (basically 100% healthy) with our fries Pencil Pot. If you make a mess, use this pack of deliciously scented erasers!  With all that said, why not throw some magic into your life with this mystical Unicorn Tape Dispenser. For what is life without a bit of magic?

Quirky gift idea sorted! All for under £30 at Gift, Crouch End.

Fries Pencil Pot £9.50
Unicorn Tape Dispenser £9.99
Milkshake Pencil Sharpener £4.99
Scented Erasers £3.99

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